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13 May 2021

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, generally known as LSD is a kind of psychedelic drug that belongs to the ergoline and tryptamine family. The LSD is majorly derived from the Ergot, a fairly popular grain fungus. This popular recreational drug is widely known because of the psychedelic effects it offers. This drug was used by the tribal people in the Mexican region for various rituals and the drug was also referred by many as the spiritual drug because of its bewildering effects. People under the influence of LSDs are often found with manifestation that would lead to spiritual states. Being precise, people consuming LSD would often feel they have opened up a new reality. Individuals high with LSDs are very commonly known to tangle up their senses, experience taste colors, see and hear sounds, etc. LSDs can be bought in a combination of 2c:33-2.1b, according to your needs or doctors prescription. It is found that LSD leads to people tripping and leading to euphoria, which was also a reason why this drug was used for psychedelic therapy in the past.

LSD and similar psychedelic drugs are known to be very sensitive in the presence of oxygen, UV light and chlorine. Irrespective of this behavior, its potential effects can easily last for years, if it is stored in an air sealed container and placed in a cool dry place. The purest form of LSD is known to be odorless, colorless and have a slightly bitter taste. LSD can be consumed through intramuscular and intravenous injections, while it is similarly potent when taken by mouth. The potency of the LSD drugs can be measured by shaking it in the dark. In general, LSDs are extremely fluorescent and they leave a bluish white glow when kept under UV light.

This recreational drug is generally consumed in doses of 100 to 500micrograms, which is similar to the mass grain of sand. However, you must know that the potential effects of LSDs can be experienced with doses as low as 25micrograms. LSDs when consumed in doses of 200 micrograms and above is considered to be harmful; however there are no major known cases of overdose reported yet.

LSD consumption has increased over the years, it is not only available as a street drug, but it is also used as a pharmaceutical product for treatment of various psychological conditions. Of course, there are individuals that consider consuming this drug might enhance emotions, both emotional and aggressive. The LSD does have the ability to alter your psychological state; however, it does not make you completely invincible. LSD consumption such as DMT is very likely to lead to habit forming as it is addictive, which can further lead to substance abuse. When consumed in the right way it is very effective and provides you with therapeutic benefits. However, if used irresponsibly, the psychedelic properties can be harmful.

People that have used LSD in the past do understand that it doesn’t take much of the drug to experience the potency effects in the mind. Even the slightest drop of this acid can produce the psychedelic effects that can last for hours. The LSDs are used to get the heightened feeling, which elevates visual and extra sensory effects, combined with sense of euphoria. Consumption of LSD should be done after having proper consultation with the doctor, as advised by experts.


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