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30 Jun 2021

Zeroavia is an American/British-based manufacturer of hydrogen electric aircraft. Valery Miftakhovitch was the founder and president of the company. The company plans to produce first aero flyers using a battery, then move to larger models with electric engines. Miftakhov views Zeroavia’s goal of building long-range low-wing machines as a competitive advantage over Peter Wright and Burt Reynolds.

Miftakhov sees Zeroavia as a leader in aviation lithium ion batteries. Zeroavia is currently focusing on the low-wing aircraft market. Miftakhov sees Zeroavia being the best source of lithium ion battery for high-performance electric aircraft. These could be used in general aviation or military applications. Zeroavia already supplies lithium batteries to Apple's MacBook so it is only natural that Zeroavia will be capable of providing batteries for Zeroavia’s future designs.

Zeroavia envisions its vehicles being able to cruise at speeds of over 500 kilometers per hour, while using just four percent of the battery charge to do so. Zeroavia envisions its piper series of vehicles being used in competitions like the DARPA Challenge, which tests the limits of aerodynamic design and speed. Miftschel envisions Zeroavia’s piper-series of vehicles being used by both professional pilots and private individuals for other purposes. Miftschel sees Zeroavia as a potential application in aerial filming and remote sensing, weather monitoring aerial refuelling, and aerial photography. Pitcheschel envisions Zeroavia's future sales revenue going into the millions.

Richard Barrow was asked by zeroavia's CEO about a potential deal. Barrow indicated that zeroavia would not be offering its products to China, but instead would work to produce parts for Chinese universities and provide flight testing services for the military. David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, wants zeroavia’s zero turn helicopters to become fighter planes. The company has been pressured to produce more civilian versions.

The zeroavia company is currently undergoing tests with two British aircraft manufacturers to develop an electric powered electric air vehicle (EVAV) that can fly in and out of trees. These tests are being done in the United States and the United Kingdom, according to zeroavia. The largest investment ever made by a European company has come from the Chinese government. The total investment, including costs, is approximately 5 billion pounds. The prime minister stated that the investment will make Britain a global leader in the aviation industry.

Zeroavia has received an undisclosed amount of money from the UK's Department for Transport for the research and development of its next aircraft, the net zero electric aircraft. BAE Systems, a major aerospace and defense company, is executing the project. BAE Systems is already producing both military and civilian aircraft, such as Harleys motorcycles and military helicopters. The company is involved in developing a series of aircraft, engines and systems for commercial, defense, and civil applications.

Zeroavia's final project was a new type, called the zeroavia-nano-air vehicle. It will be made from lightweight materials and energy-absorbing, carbon composites. It is similar to Formula 1's biodiesel technology. However, it will not burn fuel during flight. The vehicle will fly if it can. It uses no fuel. This is part of the plan being developed by zeroavia with the Chinese government as part of a strategy to reduce China's dependence on other countries for their energy needs.

China is an emerging economic power and a major player in the global economy. China is growing rapidly and is looking for innovative ways that they can reduce their dependence on the rest of the world for their energy needs. Biodiesel can be seen as a key element in China's efforts towards becoming more self-sufficient with its energy needs and reducing its carbon footprint. Zeroavia is developing its bio diesel prototype as part of this strategy.


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